Inman 5 star SquadVoice

SquadVoice receives a 5-star product rating by Inman

We’re thrilled to announce that the technology team at Inman, the go-to source for Real Estate news, reviewed SquadVoice and gave a 5-star rating, making us the second product ever to get such a review.

“SquadVoice is Aflac for your CRM. If you’re going to invest thousands of dollars, weeks of training and hours of sales meetings to explore, choose and use a CRM, you should also get insurance on the data it’s going to collect and manage.”


Most teams struggle with this because they’re overwhelmed with lead volumes and tend to focus only on the new leads. There aren’t many effective ways to filter through the list of old leads.

SquadVoice value report

SquadVoice gives Realtors the power of their data back to them and helps convert more leads, increase agent performance, optimize lead-gen spend, and improve ROI, by combining A.I., Data Science, and US-based ISAs

We resurrect abandoned, and old leads and our ISAs live transfer the most qualified, ready-to-go leads that agents can stay on top of, convert, and drive more ROI, with a pay-for-performance model.

SquadVoice ROI

“SquadVoice isn’t creating new leads from the open market, it finds and qualifies quiet leads already paid for within a CRM. To its credit, the company refunds users for leads it recommends that don’t pan out, provides a detailed model on how to justify its own ROI, openly shares how it qualifies a lead, and determines pricing differently for every client based on average new lead volume, CRM record count, and median sales price in an office location.”