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The Master Key to Conversion: Staying Connected with Customers

The real estate industry has evolved with advancements in technology over the years. From the proliferation of lead generation methods to CRMs becoming an integral part of the overall process, the industry has seen it all. Flexibility to adapt to these changes is the only strategy to stand firm in the phenomenon of ‘Survival of the fittest.’

The original position of customers has shifted profoundly over the last few decades. It has become more necessary than ever to keep the ‘Customer’ on the topmost priority to be able to sustain in the Business World. The answer to the question, ‘How to keep growing my business?” lies in a single word, which is the heart and soul of the business, “Customer.”

Real Estate World

Buying a home is a very personal achievement for anyone and real estate professionals are an integral part of that process, so it becomes all the more important not to let that human touch go from the relationship. Dale Archdekin, Founder, Smart Inside Sales gave terrific insights into building a relationship with the lead during SquadVoice Uplift 2019 which included learning the art of talking and understanding people to better handle objections.

How to ensure that a relationship is established between you and a prospective customer?

1. A customer is not just a number

Stop looking at your customers as just a ‘Lead’ in your CRM because they are much more than that. Remember that all of them have different backgrounds and stories. Also, accept the fact that your customers are informed in this age of the internet through resources like research reports and online news portals which give updates in real-time.

According to a Salesforce report, 66% of consumers say they’re likely to switch brands if they feel treated like a number, not an individual.

2. Drip Campaign’s Language

As per a MailChimp survey, real estate industry emails have an average open rate of 19.17%, and a click rate of 1.77%. This implies that in order to boost engagement, it is beneficial to build meaningful relationships with prospects rather than focusing only on the sale. Check your Drip Campaign’s language as most of it heavily weighs towards moving ahead in the process. Try initiating a conversation and then mention your purpose subtly. Priority should be to have a meaningful engagement with your prospects in a personalised fashion because all of them have had a different journey to reach out to you. The right email body combined with the right timing of the email is crucial to the success, so keep every attribute of your drip campaign in check.

3. Break the Ice

Start the conversation and give your customers an open space to be themselves with their purpose so that they don’t think of themselves as just another lead for you. Remember that there are a lot more agents chasing the customer you are talking to at the moment, so take your chance to leave a long-lasting impression in their mind. Assist them in all aspects of their need and convert that ‘meet’ as a chance to ‘connect’ with them.

4. Be the expert

Establish logical reasoning with your customers based on their experience and perspective while portraying yourself as a knowledgeable person to give them inputs in their plan. The moment you’ve convinced the customer to speak their mind is your first victory in establishing the relationship.

Customer experience

During SquadVoice’s flagship virtual summit, ‘Uplift 2019’, Gary Ashton (#12 in the USA) spoke about the importance of staying connected offline by adding value to the community.

How to stay connected offline?

1. Organize or participate in Thanksgiving Charity drives by initiating fundraisers or making donations to support causes such as soup kitchens for homeless people.

2. Find and act upon socially-conscious objectives like practising sustainability at the workplace and following ethical labour practices to provide your agency an edge over local competitors

3. Create awareness about market trends, government regulations, mortgage industry developments by sending timely (weekly/bi-monthly/monthly) reports via flyers, brochures, and newsletters. Hosting an offline meetup can be another area to look upon to portray yourself as an expert.

In a nutshell, to turn a prospect into a customer, its is necessary to prioritise long-term engagement instead of pushing for an instant conversion.


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Tanuja, with her engineering background tries to incorporate the human aspect in technology. Her areas of interest include marketing, writing, researching and start-ups. When not on laptop, she loves cooking, trekking and playing with dogs.